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Marc Reist

Visualise art in your home


The new Marc Reist Art App is ready for downloading!


This app is an exciting innovation for art lovers and collectors, and can be a big help to galleries and exhibition visitors.

This free app gives you access to works by Marc Reist and by other artists at assorted galleries that also provide their own app.


The app enables you to visualise artworks at home, in your own four walls.

It will let you retrieve works from future exhibitions by Marc Reist, and experience them digitally at home in true-to-scale projections.


  1. Choose a work.

  2. Photograph your wall.

  3. According to your system (Android or iOS), enter or accept the measurements.

  4. Place the artwork on your wall.


The settings offer a choice of 3-4 languages and 10 currencies.

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