Conception Multiscala



Multiscala ist mein künstlerisches Konzept, welches die Umwelt des Menschen in sowohl physikalischer wie philosophischer Weise, im Mikro- und Makrokosmos betrachtet.
Als staunender, beobachtender und philosophierender Mensch entdecke ich Gründe zur künstlerischen Arbeit.
Das Arbeitskonzept löst sich von der Referenzgrösse des Menschen, und es wird möglich, sich in jedem kleinen Organismus ein neues Weltall vorzustellen. Eine Frage im Kleinen findet ihre Antwort im Grossen. Eine Frage im Grossen findet ihre Antwort im Kleinen.
Aus diesem Konzept entstehen Arbeiten, welche eine Interpretation der Beweggründe und Regeln unserer Existenz, beobachteter Strukturen, Texturen und Formen sind und sie im Mesokosmos für den Menschen fassbar und sichtbar machen.


When contemplating growth and expansion, the question perhaps arises as to a starting point. But this point dissolves immediately, for every present was preceded by a past that made it possible.
A beginning is a subjective moment that we isolate from the flow of time.


An idea only becomes a reality when it meets a world whose structures suit it. Then growth begins. First it anchors itself, then it develops in the existing structure.
In its small beginnings, this structure’s forms are similar to those it displays in its later expansion. This is a prerequisite for a structure’s stability, enabling it to integrate new ideas and to determine its subsequent evolution.


The New emerges in the intermediary space that exists only as long as the two sides that form it. It is in this space that correlation gives birth to life and art.


The New emerges between these worlds. Although extant in space, its size cannot be determined until a suitable structure for it emerges. This structure adapts to its unexpected influences and the New becomes thought – a thought orbiting around its core, coming ever closer until it attains its moment of completion.


A structure that develops needs space, and constantly fills it out. At first barely visible, its surface begins to distort and finally expands into the space. The growth of different structures brings about the creation of distinct, parallel worlds.


The form, determined by its structure, now expands to its maximum, the sphere. It is a world at rest in itself, with affinities to parallel worlds. The intermediary spaces that serve thereby as paths of communication allow new thoughts to emerge.


An existence configures its structure in a manner made necessary by its circumstances and objectives. These inner and outer forces constantly impinge on the structural order, causing a dynamic image to emerge in which the structure’s different components are partially consolidated, centralised and aligned.


Tripartition makes a stable distribution of weight impossible, because exchange is constant.
This situation is unavoidable for life in its development.


If an idea grasps a structure, its development is animated. A visible reality can emerge from this, be it a social system, an individual or a project. If the idea then leaves its time and does not develop further with it, then the structure disintegrates into mere material: nothing but an image of former greatness.